The Jake Bullock Tribute: A new video by Reed James

(Reed_) #1

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Dudeeee Reed I havent seen you for so long, this is so legit man, wasnt sure if you were still throwing or not. Love this stuff, and finally seeing some fresh 5A talent in the yoyo world, super original and mad flow.

Nice to see you around!

(J Yee)


You’ve got some nice tricks man!


heck yeah!

im not to sure who Jake Bullock is, but I bet he’s proud bro :slight_smile:

Good moves mang, loved the five aye forreal but I think the best part was your dare shirt haha :slight_smile: hahahahaaa. love it!

(Reed_) #5

Jake Bullock has been around for quite some time. He got second in 5A at Worlds 2006, and in 2007-2008 was doing some of the most innovate tricks out there.

Here’s the video this is based on. Its from early 2008.

Great to hear from you, Josh! I’m gonna try to make it to some contests this coming season. Watch out, because Reed is making a comeback.

Also, shoot me an add on Facebook if you want.

Thanks, man!


oh okay! ive seen that video! heck yeah man thank god I thought he was a buddy of yours that passed away.

(Reed_) #7

Nope. Just massive inspiration.

(Reed_) #8

Bump in the hopes that some more people will comment on this and give me a nice ego boost… ;D


its sad really… we make these videos, practice so hard and film so many takes, for people just to look at them and not even give any thought on it.
you did very good bruddah, kep up the good work!


Jake B here. Means a lot to hear I inspired you, I really appreciate the video and enjoy your 5A. I’ve been out of the spotlight lately, I know, but I’m glad I haven’t been completely forgotten.

I’m behind at the moment but my tricks are still being featured on I’m in the process of filming new stuff so check it out in the next few weeks.

Much love to all of you