Still Amazing Till This Day! A must see video

Nowadays everyone knows names like Marcus Koh and Christopher Chia. But when I started Yoyoing there was an amazing yoyoer named Jake Bullock that was beyond his time. Many of you don’t know who he is because he hasnt been in spotlight in such a long time.

One time in particular i was at NER '10 and i mentioned the name Jake Bullock to some kids and they were dumbfounded. I couldn’t even believe they didn’t even hear of him. CliffordBall (Tod) was passing by and all i said was “jake Bullock” and he knew exactly what i meant.

When i started his videos were always amazing to watch and even till this day this video in particular sends chills down my spine. This single trick till this day is among my favorites to watch. The style and flow of the trick is amazing.

This video is almost 5 years old and it still gives me goosebumps. I would love to see Jake come back into mainstream yoyoing.

Enjoy some amazing yoyoing and a talent that will always be among my favorite!

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Jake Bullock was huge inspiration to me when I started yoyoing. It was just thinking about him a few days ago. Wonder what ever happened to him.

Don’t be shocked or surprised when people haven’t heard of certain names, even if they(the names in question) have been at this a long time and are notable.

I’ve only been into this 15 months. I’m trying not to dive into all the history unless I absolutely have to. Otherwise, I’m too busy having fun or cramming my brain with information on topics that are a bit more useful for me.

What I find that is more important is people such as yourself bring this information out to the attention of the forum from time to time, even if it’s a repeat or re-hashing of a dead thread.

Im just bringing up a video that i really love and just sharing it with the forum. People who have been around for many years are bound to know who Jake Bullock is. This is definitely a man whose tricks inspired many yoyoers. Just want you guys to enjoy and even check his youtube channel out. There are some awesome videos as well as relatively recent ones.

Crap. Five years ago and I can’t touch this skill. Great. lol

What happend? Why doesn’t he throw anymore? That’s incredible though!

He still throws. His channel has videos that were uploaded like 6 months ago. He just isn’t around anymore and doesn’t go to contests and overall isn’t a figure in the community nowadays.

That single trick blows my mind everytime I watch it.

another amazing trick

Anti-Yo <3