the importance of a spare

the weather was so nice today i decided after work to take a yoyo to the outdoor area at the starbucks for a few throws. i thought i wouldnt need a spare, that i could make due with just one for the night (i brought my whole yoyo case to my classroom today instead of just a couple throws) so i decided to take my much -respected-but-too-often neglected yyj legacy and an extra string with me. what could go wrong? as i was throwing all was well, then a very unexpected knot threw the yoyo violently out of control. i pulled the string to untangle everything and something happened which i should have anticipated. the silicone response fell to the ground, one side then the other. no more response, no silicone, no spare yoyo, just a spare string. what could go wrong? i think i will have to go back and get my case, or else not throw till tomorrow…

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Dang man, that stinks. =/ I’m gonna carry around two just cause of you. Hope you figure it all out.

Oh God.

I don’t have room to carry around 2 yoyos.

Actually I don’t have 2 unresponsive yoyos to carry around…


That’s happen to me multiple times.

One time I lost a yoyo on a 1.5 week trip and it was the only one I had, that taught me that you don’t always need a yoyo with you.

You should play with the responsive one. If I carry around a spare, It’s going to be my little beater FH2 haha. It’s fun to mix in responsive. Plus its epic to throw an awesome combo, then just like tug the yo-yo back haha ;D. But let’s not start another responsive vs. unresponsive debate. They end in tears :’( haha