The ILYY Valve | Review

The first week I purchased my new house, my shower tried to kill me. Before I get into the intro story that rarely has anything to do with the actual review, I should point out a few things here. #1 – I am an idiot. #2 – I don’t know anything about plumbing. #3 – I should really hire someone for stuff like this. When I moved into my new house, the hot and cold water on my shower was reversed. On a two valve shower setup this would not be a problem, just an annoyance, but our shower was a one valve system. I decided to take care of it myself because… yaknowImamanandstuff. So I remove the handle and take a look inside. Not seeing any shut off valve, I remove the coverplate thinking it may be in there. Did I mention that I am an idiot? After removing the coverplate, I was able to see what the problem was. The water regulator was upside down. I was in the middle of patting myself on the back for my mandyness when the regulator finally succumbed to the pressure of water built up behind it, shot out with fire hose force, and hit me dead center in the chest. I was all backsides and elbows. After about 30 seconds of shock, I found my composure and ran across the house soaking wet from head to toe, slipping and sliding all over my slate tile floor, out the front door to the main shut off water valve. I would never forget the valve again which leads me into my painful and clumsy segue: This was my first memory when I unpacked the box from ILYY and saw the new yo-yo they had released called the Valve.

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