The Illest Supreme Diamond

Filmed this on a crappy Flip camera…

-Ryan Gee

That was insane. Are you sponsored?

Thanks man, it really means a lot. Currently, I am not sponsored.

If it has not already started, we’re eventually going to see a lot of “So I made this Ryan Gee-style trick”. Unique style, mad skills, always fun to watch.

Why the heck not?? :wink:
You’ve got some dang good talent there, and a truly unique style. Like Greg said, I can forsee people talking about Ryan Gee style tricks.

Wow, thanks for all the feedback. I really do appreciate it. ;D

Are you serious???

Wow. How on earth does your yoyo not spin out doing those plane changing tricks?!

Also, that yoyo looks so unfamiliar. What is it?

The black/grey one is a Code 2, and the red one is a Sine//Saw, :slight_smile:

Hm. Maybe it’s the lighting!
In any case, Rock on! You have such a style, and Its beautiful and so much fun to watch!

Thanks. :smiley:

Last thing, who is the artist?

Lust In The Movies by The Long Blondes

Last bump.

yo dog, the crappy camera added to the feel of the video, I liked it. Also, the title made me laugh. all your titles are really tight. good work.

already done that:
(It was initially inspired by Mr. Gee.)

yo i wanna call ur style the zombie style cuz u bring it back after it dies XD

I love it.

That trick was freaking awessssomeeee


I love a yoyoer that has tricks that are actually visually impressive. They seem to take influence from contact juggling, which is great. If I do have one critique, it would be to leave out some of the random matrix tricks. Other than that, you have many interesting concepts. You have a very good imagination, which is good for skill toys and juggling. You’re someone that thinks outside the box, and I like that. Don’t plan on quitting, because you have some great potential. I can’t wait to see what’s next.