Emphasis On Color

You probably do not know who I am because I have been doing very minimal yoyoing this year and I have not visited this forum in over five months.
The last time I was really passionate about yoyoing was when I did some yoyoing for the Razor Pocket Pro commercial, which I guess never aired(?).
But all that set aside, I decided to make a yoyo video with no focus on the technicality on the tricks; Rather, I tried to make a video that looked relatively cool.
So check it out (please watch the video in HD) :

-Ryan Gee

Dayum, dude.

Really good stuff there. Keep up the good work.

really cool

I really enjoyed that video. One thing I noticed though is near the end you lost your theme, and just started yoyoing in a room. I was slightly dissapointed by this. Very VERY good nonetheless!

This is great, I love the colors and how you incorporated them into the vid. I also love around 1:27 were you thumb grind and pop it back into the trick, real smooth!

dude arent you ryanco on youtube? anyways your hella smooth bre and your vids never get old haha especially vagabond cuz im from the bay xD

Yeah, that’s my Youtube channel.

Thanks for all of the comments! :slight_smile: