The idea behind fixed axle stalls?

Hey, so over the year, I’ve been paying attention to Ed Haponik’s tricks on that wooden yoyo. I’ll sometimes notice that there are some tricks where he’ll have the yoyo actually stop spinning and then get it back to his hand. To my understanding, this is called a stall (Is that right?)

How does this work exactly? Does it just stop naturally?

As far as I can tell, the yoyo stops spinning somehow (I suppose on its own accord), and then it somehow spins again with enough rotational momentum to get back to your hand. Is this because when it’s stopped, it has some string wound up around the axle and you’re essentially doing a regen-type move?

Thanks for shedding any light! (I’m not a fixed axle player. Just curious :slight_smile: )

Yea, that’s pretty much it… you’re winding the string part way up, taking a breather and then fling / regen it out again.  Think of the trick Stop 'n Go to get the idea.

A good one to start with is the Trapeze stall repeater trick at 25s in this video:

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Whoa, and I thought the first guy’s video was good. Straight from the source!

Thanks Waylon! (Well, to the both of you!)