Dead Tricks

Is there a name for the group of tricks where the yoyo stops spinning and you re-start it?
I’ve seen this a lot in fixed axle videos.
People do a complicated string trick, and the yoyo spins out, then they get out of the trick in a way that is actually a new throw.

If that makes any sense…

Fixed axle that does that is called fixed axle.

When you do that on a string trick yoyo it’s usually called a “regeneration” or a “regen” for short.

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I call them stalls.


Those are both sort of close.
Here is a video of what I’m talking about.
It comes up a couple times in the video, but it’s also the very first trick. (Then again at 1:24)

The yoyo is dead, and then he restarts it at the end.

Stalls and regens. Yup!

In 1A it is called a stall or a, the more popular name for them, a Regeneration (Regen for short).
There is another style when you use a wooden yoyo that is called Fixed Axle and it is all about Stalls and Regens.

Fixed axle is a description of the equipment, not the technique. Regens are not stalls.

  1. You do a stall. That causes the yoyo to become dead. You can stall on an unresponsive yoyo.
  2. You do stuff with the stalled yoyo (or not).
  3. You regen by sending the yoyo back out using whatever technique you want.

There’s not one word encompassing that. You could refer to mainly the stalls since it’s expected that you will regen out of them.


Ok. That makes sense.
I’ll watch the video another couple times and see how they restart it.
I figure I’m good at the dead yoyo part, so I’m half way there.

Haha! Keep at it. :wink:

hope these help? :slight_smile:

Man I thought this thread was gonna be about tricks that are extinct; no longer cool or used.


That was what I thought, too. :slight_smile:

I was ready with, “HECK WITH THAT, I’m still Poppin’ Fresh and Mach 5’in, and Skinning the GERBIL, yo!”

Here is a Lunar Landing (aka Bird in Hand) where the yo-yo stops and you can do a restart It is a challenge to land it on the string.

Luke, you are a boss. Just sayin’.

GregP Thanks! However, I had to learn the Lunar Landing from someone so I have to thank Ed for teaching me the trick.

Wow. I have a ways to go.

Thanks for the link, I didn’t see it before because I was trying to use the drop down.

What are you trying to imply? My kid’s friends all think I’m way cool when I do the Mach 5. :slight_smile:

Mach 5 is actually one of the next on my list.

I need a remedial yoyo course. :slight_smile:

These kinds of tricks are also known as "Stop-n-go"s

I don’t think of stall tricks as stop and gos even though you stop the yoyo… and then go… :wink: Confusing? Maybe. I’d have to ponder on what distinguishes a stop and go.