the "i just picked up my old yoyo!" thread

I’ll start; I just picked up my x con pro for the first time in like six months! Forgot how much i liked it!

Picked up my yuuksta today because my yyr is out for a temp trade.

…it’s ok.

I just picked up my butter fly and then sat it down again.

I just picked up my Chaotic today and its still too small…

I picked up my Fast 201 and then said, “what was I thinking?”

My half red half blue, no caps, black speckle spray painted DM2 with a speed bearing. It was my first unresponsive yoyo! Sooo much fun!

My busted painted PGM. Stacks stripped so has two bolts Response tore off today (That took me 15 mins to get on) w/ homade counterweight. Learning 5a with my PGM because my others hurt my hand. >:(

I got my yyj journey out for the first time in a while. Brought back memories of my “early days”

Same last yoyo touched PGM with counterweight.

I picked up my friends raider 3 months ago, before that i hadn’t picked up a yoyo in 10 years. It brought back so many great memories of yoyoing and highschool that i immediately went and bought one. Now 3 months later and 400$ invested in yoyos I must admit I’m addicted. It has taken over my life, and i love it.