The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Took me about a week to learn, but I can finally land Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich.


Brent Stole! Fairly consistent now :slight_smile:

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i finally landed Kamakazi. yeah baby, i’m so stoked right now


Mortal Pongbat! Only took 3 years.


Mexican duck pond woohoo. Moving my thumb forward and pinky back helped me get the yo-yo to turn over.


Me too! (Except I never bothered to learn it until 4 days ago when the yt tutorial came out.) Still😀


2.0 and 2.5 hook


I finally got magic drop!!! Now to try to get it consistently…

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Very nice job. That was a hard one.


Finally landed spirit bomb.


Can land Brent stole about half the time now.


Just landed and whut, I still have trouble with the jump rope hop type thing before the second triangle at the end, I can’t wait till I get it down smooth


Kobe. I learned the palm grind version and the thumb grind variation. Haven’t tried the shoulder bump or 360 variations.


Just got down bee sting, such a fun trick


Spirit Bomb and Slippy Toad :smiley:

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iv’e got cold fusion and kamakazi down pretty good. just got rewind and mcbrides roller coaster. working on black hops. unwinding from the triple really good but struggling winding back up. i’ll get it


Underwater Basket Weaving 8)


I think I’m getting the hang of the breakaway throw. Did pinwheels or whatever they’re called along with the breakaway version of Around the World (I forget what it’s called) and I’m starting to catch it consistently now. I even managed a trapeze or two for the first time. Minor victories but I don’t get to play it as often as I like. Now if I could just get good at throwing straight into a front mount instead of throwing a sleeper and then pulling up into it, I can start to work on the next set of basics. Also, I’m not getting along so well with this snap wind thing.


^“World Tour”

Keep at the snap start, but be patient.

My new trick is “Mars Landing”


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