The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Just got dr strange yesterday although it’s kinda simple it has a certain type of difficulty to it getting the strings to stay right


got cold fusion down fairly solid. that was actually one of the easier ones.
still struggling with kwijibo’s 2nd hop. most always land on two strings.


That’s cool :+1:. I’ve never heard of this trick. is there a tut on it somewhere?


Right on this site. Under the learn section, “advanced part 2”.


Oh ok cool thanks.


Yea it’s on yo-yo expert tutorial list


Landed ladder escape really smoothly last night. Felt good

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started a couple months ago after 40 years of not throwing. nailed this bind last night after MATRIX but I don’t know how to show the 15 second video


Toru Miyazaki’s tech combo (specifically, the triangle at the end).

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Try using your thumb to widen the area between the two strings, I found that helps with landing it.


I got a horizontal gt while trying to bind on a fingerspins.:stuck_out_tongue: I may try to develop it farther.


I land in that too sometimes. Paolo Bueno has a trick built off that!

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thank you. i saw your thread last thursday, your excitement encouraged me. then i looked at the trick on YouTube under yoskills. did you do it with “shockwave” as a repeater? well it took a couple of days but i got seven in a row as a repeater last night. wow what a hard trick. love it


Thumb grind! I don’t know why this has been so difficult for me, but while throwing my new Endeavor, it just clicked. Happy dance! :+1:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


Spirit bomb! Finally


I just hit Gentry Stein’s “The Drift” vertically with no mistakes, but it’s gonna take a while before I can hit it horizontally.


I finally landed trapeze! Took me forever and a day! I adopted a new rule frustration is no longer an option! 2 days later I did a forward mount!


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Very nice. I too had such a hard time at first. Just think though, eventually you won’t even think about the trapeze because you will be practicing your next trick. Great job, good luck.