The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Boingy boing! Man, it took a long time to get the initial “boing” consistently. After that the rhythm was pretty easy. Next up is Seasick :wink:


Magic drop


Hook 3.0

damn this is a hard trick


Backhand Balance


Spirit Bomb


After a few days of major frustration on my part I got Wrist Action down


Snap Start…look out Worlds!!


Hidemasa hook :slight_smile:


Ninja vanish… the knot trick >:(


I just learned the One-Handed 4A Bind ;D


been away off and on for awhile. got a new lung (Yay).
been working on kwijibo for the past couple of days. i am able to hit it perfectly in about once in 15 tries. for most of the other tries the final hop to double or nothing lands on two strings instead of the one outer string. but getting there. i know what i need to do but just get too excited at times.

also got wormhole down fairly solid.



Cheese whip to magic trick :sweat_smile:


I’d been trying Plastic Whip (beginning from a standard Sleeper position) for a couple of days, but realized that practicing too much might result in some tenderness in my throwing shoulder from (quickly but gently) yanking the yoyo up and then going opposite in throwing the loop down. So I would try maybe 20 times a day for a couple of days…and then decided to move onto a couple of other things when it seemed it might take awhile to get PW down.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to today, and I decided to give it a whirl again, and I landed it on 2 of my first 5 trys! Of course, one of those tries wasn’t completely correct, string-around-the-yoyo-wise :slight_smile: but as long as the loop went around the yoyo I was happy, and the details will work themselves out with time and proper attention and technique.


triple or nothing.


Laceration into suicide


Kickflips! I landed my first about a week or so ago! I am soooooooo excited for the alleycat so I have been trying to work on responsive type tricks a bit more :slight_smile:


After years of throwing and then a couple years barely throwing at all, I’ve finally figured out shoot the moon. Such a good feeling.


Magic Drop! Holy Cow, I got it 4 times in a row yesterday.


Nice! :slight_smile: Probably the most frustrating trick to learn in the yoyoexpert lineup.


I finally landed Buddha’s revenge after like two weeks of hopeless attempts :o.