The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Never could get the hang of it before but was starting to throw a regen last night. Now, to regen it straight…lol.


I did slack get


Took some extraneous stuff out but got the basics of this going right now.


Branding!!! Tried to get it a while ago, finally have it down!


Yuuki slack and yuuki slack 2.0, been trying to get the first one down for 5 years… then got the newer version down in 2.5 days


Riccardo Fraolini’s BBQ brain jab


A proper finger spin, including the bind and everything. Not quite getting all of it regularly, but it’s a start


Got 2 inconsistent finger spins. Will work on binding once I can land these better.


Seriously! It’s hard to even practice that without a stable finger spin.


I can now do the Vortex Bind (I think that’s what it’s called) from a fingerspin.


Wasn’t smooth, but landed Spirit Bomb. Glad my head is back in the game; thinking through these tricks makes a lot more sense. (Rough first year with a baby, so not great at problem solving)


Branding. The suicide at the end was killing me (bad pun intended), but, with a lot of practice I got the feel for it.


Getting better at landing these.


I just landed “Cold Fusion”! :smiley: ;D 8) :wink:

Just did it last night! 8)


Just landed Paul kerbel’s “flick bind”


Spencer Berry’s Enigma!
New favorite trick!


Paul kerbels grid iron


I got pandora pretty smooth now
I love this trick


Nice! That’s a cool trick. I’m trying to get corkscrew but it’s so hard for me. I have the same yoyo it’s just hard to get the motion


Boingy boing’s coming along quite nicely.