The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Nice! I struggle with zipper stalls, but, am improving.

Today, I landed fixed axle Lunar Landing. I’ve been chasing it for quite sometime.


Clean Shoot the Moons with a fixed axle are to me the nicest feeling trick. To cap off a few with a Lunar Landing is just pure satisfaction! At least, at my level (low) of consistency with both of those tricks.


That is the best feeling. STM is one trick that I have been working on for years, but it doesn’t bother me that I am still inconsistent , because it is so fun when you do occasionally get the groove going that it makes up for all the string tangles and head bumps.


Shoot the Moon is one of my favorite tricks and it takes a lot to perfect. It is great when you can get into a rhythm.


I Got A Green Triangle Jump Rope a few times yesterday


Today I landed Mars Landing. Having way too much fun playing fixed axle. It is surprising how much fixed axle has influenced the way I approach unresponsive yoyo play.


Haven’t yoyod much in the last few years since I got bored with the hobby. Started yoyoing again recently and finally landed 3 brent stoles in a row. May not sound like much, but I tried for hours a few years ago and simply could not figure out how it was supposed to work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Consistent Beesting. Feels good ;D


I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I just got Pop 'n Fresh, considering how long I’ve been yoyoing. I tried it a bit a few different times over the years, but kept abandoning it too soon. I finally took the time, as I’ve always liked the way it looks, and it’s starting to look pretty nice!

Now for Seasick…


I still can’t make seasick look smooth.


I just hit Spirit Bomb within a non dismounted Spirit Bomb. Woohoo! I also hit a “Mantis” hooked chopstick suicide invert (throwhand fingers, but not correct ones), without hooking the string with the opposite hand to make it a 1.5. I didn’t get a non knotted bind, but it was cool anyways. Next stop consecutive chop suis and correct matis chop sui. Wish me luck.



I hit a chopstick kickflip (Mike Monty style), and a suicide canceled into a Ninja Vanish. Man that felt good…


Just landed 2.0 hook. Feels goooood. ;D Now for 2.5…


Recapture - both side sidewinder to Lunar. Throwing to my left and catching the Lunar came pretty quickly. Throwing to the right and catching the inverted, blind Lunar was a chase. But, now both are consistent.


Awesome, French!

I can do the left (NTH side) one, but haven’t worked on the blind one yet. Must feel cool to land that. I’ll have to work on that, after the Georgia State contest. I’m busy working on the 1a ladder for that.

Which brings me to the finally landed part. Black Hops! I can hit it now, and I’m getting more and more consistent.


I finally did this little suicide combo thing; I attempted to do it a few times before I took a break from yoyoing for a year or two, but I got it down pretty fast today.


Wow, that’s really cool!


Screwing around with magic drop to shockwave… I started throwing out of sw to a brother mount. I then aimed at going from brother to gt. Finally getting it all together now but still having a little trouble with the Magic drop landing on the right string. Keeping at it though.


as a kid, i had a yomega brain. i was able to do around the world and rock the baby.

today i did my first eifeltower, but the great thing is that i also did my first braintwister.

that is the first real string trick trick (beside elevator) i have done! :slight_smile:


Yay! Now Trapeze. :wink: