The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Eiffel tower. Newb probs. Couldn’t figure it out. It took the yytrick instructional and yy expert one to get it.


Okay, so, I managed to land the Boingy-Boingy on my Duncan Metal Racer a few or so days back, and I gotta say, it’s quite a fun challenge. Not only that, but this morning, I tried doing it with my Yomega Raider, and it turns out, you can do that trick with a yo-yo that narrow! Not only that, but I devised a sort-of “front mount shortcut” for faster transitioning to the Boingy-Boingy.


I finally figured out the wrist mount dismount!


Pardon the “ugly” execution (I promise I’ll smooth it out), I finally decided to tackle Ladder Escape. Was kind of mixed on this trick as there are parts that just feel weird and as seen in the video, to me, it doesn’t look very good at the moment. The pauses kill the pacing of an otherwise very techy trick. Going to continue though and make this better.


Working on being more consistent at Spirit Bomb.


I just landed kwijibo. Did a whip to trapeze before it too. I think I’m progressing nicely since I got my first yoyo 3 weeks ago.


^I’d say so!


This is a little backwards, learning Suicide and landed it first try… then of course tried for another hour before i landed it again! ???


^ the first one is free, just to get you hooked!

I finally hit hydrogen bomb on this today,


Finally landed ladder escape!! Was super frustrating at first.


OK, so I’ve never been into picture tricks, but now I’m starting… I landed the “Jamaican Flag” first time :wink:



But it needs to be consistent and flowing.

Now trying to get it on a semi-responsive FHZ (almost!)

…and then I’m working my way towards Breath…


^wow!^ enigma is so hard, I have been working on the first mount on and off for weeks! I haven’t given up, but I’m not making much progress.


Don’t give up!

I get so impatient learning from videos but I was determined to learn it.

For the first mount, once I started using two fingers (index and middle) to spread apart the loop and give more room for the thumb to grab the string it worked much better. It’s funny because I see that Spencer doesn’t do it that way (at least in the 365 yoyo tricks video), but Charles Haycock does.

The Cabin Tutorial for Enigma really helped, but as with all Cabin Tutorials it takes a bit to figure out the mechanics of the trick - that there are certain string segment lengths and finger placements that are critical for doing the trick but without any explanation it can take some trial and error to figure out how the trick really works.


Enigma, GT stall, and aces high:)




Kamikaze! Still not anywhere near smooth, but, I’ve made it through the trick clean a couple of times tonight.


two handed loops!!! Not smooth at all but I got a few off…


Not sure if this counts as “finally”, but, yesterday I decided to try Magic Drop with a fixed axle. Took a little time to get, but now am semi consistent.


I can finally do Zipper Stall as a repeater somewhat consistently.