The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Magic Drop and Shockwave. Still not 100% on the Magic Drop, but, practice makes perfect.


Kwyjibo is really satisfying to land smoothly for the first time. :slight_smile:

The secret to consistency turns out to not be accuracy, though. When you do the undercut, do it very close to the yoyo. The yoyo pretty much has no choice but to land on the string. And then when the yoyo is coming down from the “pop”, you spread your hands apart… not TOO sharply (nobody wants string burn!) but with purpose. This will force the yoyo towards the string so that it has almost no choice but to hit the string. Trying to ‘catch’ it when it comes down from that second pop is a natural way to start, but before long you’ll be doing the hand-spreading.


Doesn’t it feel good when you hit it though? That trick really looks great. I always get a great response when people see me do it. People don’t expect you to catch it cross armed.


After a long break away from Magic Drop I’ve just started trying to learn it again. What a difference the yoyo makes though. I can do it about half the time on a YYF Boss which is more round or organic shaped. I have a really tough time doing it on a Shutter.


Just landed yuuki slack! I’m in such a good mood now.


Got Buddha’s Revenge down fairly solid now. wasn’t too difficult once i figured out the initial throwing of the yoyo over both hands after the 1 1/2 mount. this seemed much easier than the matrix; but probably the skills just accumulate from one trick to the next. the tutorials on this site are so helpful.



Haven’t posted on YYE in a while… Working on some 3A :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t remember if they talk about this on the video for Magic Drop on YYE, but what helped me learn to land it 90% of the time is turning your TH index down towards the ground. You’ll have to find the exact right angle, but I find it helps the string reject easier.



1:04 - 1:09

Harder than it looks :frowning:


Magic drop is fascinating because the only thing you need to do is have the string in the right position at the right time to reject it. The tips for getting it to work don’t turn out to be universal because of the combination of all available string and hand angles.

For example, my most consistent magic drops happen when I am pretty light when going around the TH and I reject from the yoyo just as it starts the downward part of that arc. This is contrary to people who say it works best for them when they go fairly hard and fast. I also don’t think about pointing my finger down, what I think about is keeping my thumb UP. The two work in tandem, but it’s actually the thumb part that’s important, at least for me.

As long as you get that string to reject, though, you’re fine! Do what works within your style.

Thing about Magic Drop is that if you miss it, you can still just really pull the string down with your thumb and make it reject anyhow. Shouldn’t block you from doing the rest of the trick. :wink:


Magic Drops…gave me so much trouble. I can do them pretty consistent now and can almost control whether if I want to land on the front string or the back string. You’ll want the back string to do Kamikaze or Shockwave. You can do the front string for other tricks, one of the main ones for me is Classic Yuuki Concepts.


Zach Gormley tension hook

It’s a great trick! I’ve been wanting to learn this trick and gave it a half-hearted try before but finally yesterday I was determined to get it…and success! Now to get it consistent and try and make some variations…


Really loving kwyjibo now that I can land it most of the time. Cool way to start combos from double or nothing


Ever since I was a kid I could never do Shoot the Moon. I’ve tried off and on intermittently, and could never get it consistently. Recently I’ve gotten into playing fixed axle, and I am finally hitting it! I think one of the factors that has helped is I finally have high ceilings.

I’m also doing all kinds of new fixed axle friendly tricks: Lunar Landing (can’t stop, such a satisfying trick!), the lunar landing mount from other starts, and various stalls.

Occasionally I can hit the lunar landing mount from a sidewinder, and once or twice I’ve landed a kick flip.

Loving fixed axle!!!


The freagin’ Hidemasa Hook, :stuck_out_tongue: Finally land it five times in a row, and then I kept on missing, really sores my right arm though


You should try my kwijibo combo. You might like it.


Ladder escape and hour glass



I’m finally starting to get White Buddha consistently.

Just started trying finger spins.


Fingerspins, and Kickflips