The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Snap gt


Today, finally got “DumpTrucks”, a fixed axle trick I’ve been working for a couple of weeks. I’m not 100% consistent, but ~40-50%. Now to keep working and clean it up.


Underwater Weaving Basket - Lots of fun! :slight_smile:


Finally got Kerian Cooper’s slack upside GT!


I’m just gonna leave my instagram here. Don’t want to fill half the page with a few weeks worth of trickcircle…


Seasick, I’ve never really tried learning it since it looked intimidating. Felt brave and it only took a couple hours to get down.


Wigwam…decided to give it a spin, came to what I felt was satisfactory of pulling it off (Meaning, I didn’t do the trick as intended, kind of ended it my own way, may build off of this).


Hay Gumball, I am not in istagram so I can not score a “Like” But I did like.

(major_seventh) #3329

It always gives me the best thumbnails.


Finally did a single full rep of Twizzler Repeater!


This took me all day (and a few long breaks, because temper), but I FINALLY landed Hiroyuki Suzuki’s tech combo. I blew through the first part in about 15 minutes, but took forever trying to figure how to get into that GT. I just ended up doing what I think the video did, but I couldn’t see.


Cool combo! I decided I’m going to either work on this or cherry pick some cool elements in it (love tech tricks). So far, starting at the 1:16 mark, I had that part down on the first try :slight_smile:


I just started yoyoing in January, but I was very excited to pull off Mondial and Pop n’ Fresh today.


Sweet! Good job. Like I said, I had so much trouble with the last part. I hope you get it sooner than I do.


getting the matrix down somewhat consistently. can ususally do two gens and occasionally 3.
also getting the boingy boing a few seconds. also getting eli hops about 1 in 3 or 4 times. i’m going to focus on these three for awhile. enough variety to keep me entertained.

edit: this probably should have gone in the “what trick are you working on” thread.



Finally landed Kwijibo! I don’t know what it is about this trick, but dang that was tricky.


Good job! That one is tough because you have to be accurate.


Thanks! Yeah, for sure. Still have a long way to go to get consistent, but even landing 1 in 10 times feels good.


Ah yes, that wonderful day when you first land Kwijibo. It felt great. Congratulations!


i did a triple or nothing. kind of by accident - but none the less a full blown triple or nothing.