The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


I’m working on one called “Tower of Luck”

I landed it about 5 minutes into following the tutorial but it was rough. I’m getting better at landing that yoyo on the top string segment and dropping it through that triangle formed by the other 2 segments. Sometimes (not shown in video) the yoyo drops through even smoother without getting caught up.

Random: It used to be that when I copy and pasted a URL from Instagram it would embed the clip into my post…then one day it no longer worked. What am I doing wrong?


Not so much as a “I finally landed it!” trick since it was my first time trying a combo but I finally decided to give horizontal a real try. I’ve learned how to banana turnover and bind but that was basically it. I’ve been neglecting to up my game so I decided to try a small combo tonight. Only had 15 minutes cause it was the kids bedtime.


I landed this cool tower to pseudo triangle thing earlier today.


i finally landed a chopstick suicide


Horizontal Mach 5 is fun. Just so you know. :wink:


I invented one called the Mach 7. You can get into it from a Kamikaze Mount or a Hydrogen Bomb mount, especially, turn your TH index finger inwards from the Kamikaze Mount.


Landed “Waynegasm”


I finally landed wigwam smoothly today!!! 2/20 times but that’s 2 that I hadn’t done!! This trick is fun. Anyone want a challenge and a fun trick, try this out.


Let’s get something in here that’s not 1A.

Not necessarily new since I used to play 3A. It’s just its the first time I played 3A since around Fall 2014.

P.S. This was literally my first 3A attempt/throw in 2016 so doing this after more than a year of not doing 3A is pretty good for me.


Split the Atom and Boingy-Boing on a YYF Whip. My first day of yoyo-ing ended up pretty good, i guess :slight_smile: .


Sounds like a good start!


Considering people don’t get the knack for boingy-boing for several months (or years), I’d say that’s a good start.




yeah man. I’m pro and I still can’t do boingy boing.


Just got the Mach 5 down, after having many problems with my yoyo. My Whip is still responsive sometimes and spin time decreased.


I landed the UFO-like bind from the horizontal finger grind.



You can also do it in your palm if you have a grindy yoyo. :slight_smile:


I finally hit “Lord of the Flies.” I feel so relieved to be able to hit that now. :smiley:


Ghost bind.


Landed Turbo Encabulator Gt