The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


Someone out there might have a tip, but that “hands closer together” gave me a big enough triangle to comfortably hop through, so I’ve never looked for additional tips. :smiley:


Landed brent stole today


sick dude! I was am stoked when I did. I’m doing double whip Brent stoles now(took me a bit to get it down) and now I’m having trouble doing single whips.


Finally landed candy rain


Landed no new tricks today…


nice man. I’m pretty good at that one.


unlearned brent stole. LOL

IDK can’t land it anymore


I find theres this unlearn phase with many slack whip trocks


Yeah. Seems like that’s a common occurrence amongst many with those whip tricks. I kinda lost the whip similar to GT where it catches both strings. Forgot what it’s called.



I’ve quickly found out college is a very quick way for me to lose muscle memory. I don’t remember how to get into half of my original combos anymore DAMMIT

Also, I feel like I haven’t seen you on the forums as much, but then again I haven’t been active for months because of college…

I can’t really land a few of the tricks I used to post on here to try and outdo Kadabrium anymore LOL.

Also, Here is my instagram (that I was supposed to make a year ago as per request of a poster on here LOL) and 2 tricks I can’t really explain in word:

I’ll be going back through mine and Kadabrium’s old posts and try to reland them. Because no more muscle memory. And I want to re-outdo him. Thats why.

Working on this now (again):


Hey look guys! I learned how to horizontal finger spin! Really excited about this! Don’t you love when you say “hey, let’s give it a try,” and boom! You nail it pretty quickly! Now to learn how to make the string spin above the yoyo.




Brother slack to ninja vanish. Been working it for a while, something finally clicked. Practice makes competent.


May a noob like me say “Plastic Whip”?


hey. I still haven’t perfect plastic whip…


Neither have I. I just got lucky and landed it once.


#deadyoyoweek is fun as heck. Jade Whip redirect into Instant Iwasawa brah.


Yup! You can brag about your first gravity pull if you want. :wink:

Plastic whip is awesome.


Trapeze! ;D ;D


It took me 6 months to learn it. After I learned it I figured out how to do a one handed bind. It is a fun combo.