The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


The first half of kamikaze

(yospeedracer) #3482

i’m 8 months into this hobby, Kamakazi is my favorite. it took a couple weeks for me to learn, but i have been landing that trick for a couple of months now. awesome, enjoy


Thanks, but I can’t get the magic drop part down.

(yospeedracer) #3484

magic drop is a pain. there is an excellent video on youtube from Brandon Vu. he’s so funny. but this taught me a lot. honestly, this trick will take some time to master. just have fun with it. there is also a tutorial here of magic drop and shockwave as a repeater. so you can keep working on that part seperate from kamakazi


Spirit Bomb, finally! It took a few months to get it, but first I had to realize I’ve been doing my Wrist Mount wrong!?!


I’ve been moving so I haven’t got to practice much but I made some baby steps. I can now throw directly into the front mount. From there I can do a brain twister and the swing it back around into a bind. It’s still a little herky jerky but I can do it. I’m working on getting the had crossover right to swing around from a trapeze into a bind but that one is still needing more work because I can’t seem to stop it binding before I want it to and wrapping my opposite finger in it.

(yospeedracer) #3487

That’s too cool. I have a few videos on my Instagram @yospeedracer doing the same thing back in April. It’s so much fun from there. Enjoy


Finally ventured into the expert tier of the learning page and have a pretty clean “skin the gerbil” down.


Green revolution

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It has taken me like a full 2 months of practicing this trick for at least half of the time that I can throw for in a day… but I can finally hit blue pancakes (Riccardo fraolini cabin tutorial) semi-consistently.

Also, as a side note, I used a hubstacked yoyo to do this trick, and I was wondering if it’s even possible to do it without hubstacks. I mean, of course it is, but can anyone do it except Riccardo?


Well, I would have to dedicate the same effort you did, at least! I do think it should be doable on any yoyo that works well for talon grinds.

I’ve been getting my original combos to happen. Hopefully I can video and share soon.


I’m just doing Fixed Axle stuff for February but I’ve learned quite a few new tricks. Feeling pretty good, now. Had a stressful day at work. Helped a coworker move a love seat and then grabbed the Legend Wing when I got home. Decided to try and emulate Tom. I successfully landed Split the Atom on a fixie a couple times, albeit an abbreviated version (I didn’t have enough spin for more than one of either the barrel rolls or brain twister spins), but I landed it. And I’m getting more consistent with the breakaway to Lunar. Trying to get consistent with throwing that into a reverse breakaway and catch that in a Lunar as well.




Finally hit dat 2.0 hook thoe



At long last, I never thought I would get it and had been attempting it for months, but over the past couple of days it finally clicked and now I find it quite easy! :slight_smile:
I’m a bit of a slow learner I think, thankfully I find it fun regardless!


Cool. Kwyjibo was the first 1A trick that made me feel like I was becoming a player :wink:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


I just started and I finally got the Houdini Mount! I love how it looks


This might sound dumb but years ago I made a trick I called fishing hole. I then forgot it, but recently relearned it. I might post a tutorial so I dont forget it again.


Leg Wrap Trap. Just the behind the back part, haven’t tried the dismount(?).


OK, now I have to learn that. I keep trying, but not getting anywhere with it. Your post inspires me to make a concerted effort.

I’m finally landing Kickflips! I hope that suffices for the name of the trick. I just don’t like using the second word in the trick name. Unless there is a trick just called Kickflips…?