The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread


A polo garbkomal double slack. Took me about a day for a good one

(Christopher Dougherty) #3502

I am currently trying to hit the plastic whip!! That is awesome you hit that sideways!! I love to throw sideways

(ZAC) #3503

Starting learning hidemasa hook last week. Nailed it four times in a row this morning. Pretty stoked, Now I’m going to start trying for doubles.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3504

Finally landed some tension hooks (the double or nothing -> ripcord type) and found I can transition from the resulting reverse hook mount into beefhook gunshot pretty easily. Really nifty to chain them together!

({John15}) #3505

I can only imagine how cool that feels

(Thomas Bellotti) #3506

Watched Andres video on here about the matrix last night and I got it shortly after. It’s sloppy as all get out, but I can do it. Hit a few pretty cleanly this morning.

Yoyo-ing is fun


One trick I’ve never been too fussed about is the finger spin, it is something I have attempted every now and then but somewhat half-arsed. Earlier this evening however I managed to land a few and had them spinning on my finger tip and this was on my Shutter.

Still not overly fussed about the trick but nice to know it is something new I am getting the hang of.

Edit: I’m not yet able to get it back with a bind however

({John15}) #3508

I’ve been hitting these tiny Hidemasa hooks pretty consistently lately. Just like a regular Hidemasa hook, but the yo-yo ends up anywhere from a half inch to an inch below my non throw hand index. Risky and satisfying


I’ve managed to do a basic Suicide a few times which I find quite exciting. By basic Suicide I mean this one:


So I tried learning how to complete a whip from a trapeze into a kamikaze mount… after 20 or so mins I managed to get it down relatively consistently.

However, I’m now trying to do the whip as the yoyo lands into the trapeze mount… this seems impossible… any tips??