The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread

(Jacob Waugh) #3521

Will you post the finished version anywhere?

(Simon Dubischar) #3522

Landed 3.5 hook yesterday :slight_smile:
Actually it felt kind of random hitting that due to the fact that it took much time learning 2.5 hook 3 months ago and I was just messing around with new concepts but whatever :wink:

(Victorian YoYos) #3523

I’ll try

({John15}) #3524

Today I finally stuck a lunar landing. It was awesome! By extension, I’ve also been getting better at shoot the moon. SO to @Glenacius_K for making amazing fixed axle yoyos!


So I’ve started to finally hit some whips into kamikaze mount… namely whipping into the mount from a pinwheel motion.

Sadly can only hit it once every 10 attempts…

EDIT - I can now hit it about once every three attempts now… slowly finding the sweet spot. Next stop, getting it from a basic throw!

(Justin ) #3526

Just learned some ghost binds. Super cool!

(Jacob Waugh) #3527

yeah, I love those.

(Victorian YoYos) #3528

It’s hard not too


Nice, I love this mount. I actually like catching it from a breakaway best, and it is part of a recent combo that ive just started nailing consistently. Im thinking about posting a video of it, but I dont have a tripod/good place to film just yet. Definitely filming this on my Butterfly though, haha

And it will be only a matter of time before I try one of those Spinworthys :smiley:

(David Hough) #3530

I landed my first finger spin today. That felt good.

(Jacob Waugh) #3531

I landed a Lunar Landing on an unresponsive from a sky bind.


Finally landed a grubby looking yuuki slack… getting a lot of tilt after each repeat, as well as slack not opening up wide enough! Gonna keep working on it though!!

(Jim Honaker) #3533

I finally land this…

I started working on it about 3 weeks ago. Had to do it piece by piece. It is still sloppy, the last part landing into the triangle was really kicking my butt.


Sky bind. It’s not that I finally landed it but it’s fun and I’m getting pretty good at it.

If this doesn’t get me in the top 50 under 50 nothing will.


just landed plastic whip into gyro flop a few times in a row >:)


Managed my first thumb grinds earlier whereby I didn’t mount it from a finger grind first, pretty pleased!


Successful week… after 6 months of trying I can finally land a Hidemasa Hook relatively consistently… I also managed to get a bind from a finger spin (though I haven’t been able to do it since)!


Sea Sick

Something about Tommy Gun’s tut, made it finally click for me:


just nailed a sleeper