The "I Finally Landed It!" Thread

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3541

Brent Stole is a landmark trick to land! congrats!

If you landed it correctly the yoyo should dismount out the back of the triangle, away from you. Not really sure if it’s possible/easy to land it in the other side of the triangle.


It def exits out the back of the triangle…i was unsure if it was right as when i exit the string is still slightly twisted around my NTH index finger (as opposed to how it would be with a standard trapeze position)

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3543

There’s supposed to be one twist (when in the triangle) and what is essentially a half-twist when you exit into the trapeze. If you untwist your non-throw hand in the right direction you’ll be in a regular trapeze without the twist.

(Josiah Lyons) #3544

landed the finger spin a couple times today


Finally got around and learnt the Brent Stole, can hit it relevantly consistently now, but can’t pop it out of the little triangle a lot of times.

(Tyler) #3546

Learned Branding last week, got it pretty consistent and smooth now and worked into a combo.

(Justin ) #3547

I just learned this right now!!! I’ve been trying for months; it feels so good :star_struck:

(Gethin) #3548

Workin on horizontal gt stalls, landed one so far!

(Alexander) #3549

I just landed Ballistic!!! So incredibly satisfying to do it fast and smooth. Now I just have to capture it on video…


I’ve been practicing Jade Whip every so often for the past month - finally landed it a dozen times tonight! Follow is next on my bucket list!!

(Gethin) #3551

I finally nailed a recapture to green triangle stall! So pumped!!

(Alexander) #3552

I can do Superman and Candy Rain now!


the feeling when you land a michael kurti trick…


Jade Whip is one of the most satisfying tricks to do… so smooth and elegant!


I can do follow with my eyes closed now :exploding_head:

(Jacob Waugh) #3556

Something that helps a lot with this. Tyler wears his slipknot on the end of his finger, look at 0:52 of Grandpa Kimmit, it helps with the chopstick thingy a lot, now I can do the trick smoothly and quickly.


spirit bomb. it has eluded me for quite some time, but, two days ago, it just clicked. Now to get it on a fixed axle…

({John15}) #3558

Wait, you don’t normally wear your slip knot on the last knuckle?

(Jim Honaker) #3559

Mine sits just below the second knuckle. It just doesn’t sit securely above my last knuckle. Probably fat fingers in my case.

(Jacob Waugh) #3560

I used to wear it on the base of my finger, (strongest part of my finger so that circulation isn’t cut off) and some other competition players do it, but now I do it on the last knuckle.