The Holy Grail

Not sure if a thread like this exists but if one does let me know!

So I would like to know, what is YOUR “Holy Grail” yoyo. Your prized yoyo possession! Could be how it plays, or you absolutely adore the color way or maybe it’s just full of sentimental value! Whatever it is…


My Holy Grail Yoyo:

The 7075 Hulk Smash Chief. Absolute perfection in a yoyo. Feels like the 7075 Chief was made for me! I absolutely love mine and I would love to acquire more of them! Being that my favorite color is lime green, the shiny 7075 Hulk Smash colors are perfect for me! Play is super duper flowy which I love and can’t get enough. I don’t think I’ll ever give this up… (Well maybe if I can get a Hulk smash scheme I like better)
But this is My Holy Grail Yoyo, what’s yours?

Let’s see em guys!

Here is mine. Love the color and engraving. Marmots are still my favorite.

Very cool

As of now, Anti-Yo Bape.2.

The “Doing Stuff” Marmots are so classy looking. I miss some of the simpler things CLYW used to do. The various engraved Marmots and all the engraved Bassalopes (except the blue Sebby one) look so good imo

Closest they’ve come lately aside from solids is the basic Clareview Station and red with clear splash but those aren’t very unique if they end up putting them on a bunch of throws.

Here’s mine… Now is anybody out there willing to trade one of these for my first born? :wink:

s.kon stuff in general is just amazing

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Here’s mine, I believe this was released early 2008, it’s a John Higby special edition of the 888 by the name of yoyopeople 888.

Magnesium Project.
One of one

Oh my god.

Long time thrower, new account. Thought I’d share mine. It’s still mint. C:

That’s as good as it gets! Beautiful peak!