The Heart Trick

Hey Guys,

Today is my parents anniversary (I might’ve forgotten that), but I want to do something special. Now, I remember that in the YoyoFactory Trick Video that came with one of my throws that Ann Conolly (pardon me if I said that wrong), did something like a heart trick (where you make a heart with the string.) So I am going to try to learn that trick and I want to know if there is a video for it? If there is can someone link it up for me?

                     Thanks, Chris

To me it looks more like a V and that’s not the way/one that I saw in the DVD…

I love how that littl ekid is doing the tutorial :smiley:

Ok now… if that snot what ur talking about maybe its that thing where in spirit bomb the part right after getting intk the wrist mount and ur index is holding both sides o fthe string on the wrist mount and it kinda looks like aheart… hard toexplain, just take alook at the spirit bomb video on this site

Get into a wrist mount, pop the yoyo inwards, bring your hands around and set it back on the string

That was the dv888 video

While it isn’t what you were looking for, it is a lot cooler.

This is good heart slack

My favorite 5a heart trick

Two of my faves: