The Hash Slinging Slasher

Did anyone buy a slasher? I have an Anglam so i’m just wondering

Heard they are pretty similiar, i think someone said that the slasher was a “little” bit more solidsih

I saw this thread and was immideately thinking “SPONGEBOB”

i was thinking of the krusty krab

I bought one and I LOVE it. !!

It plays very similar to the Anglam, but certainly has the Bi-Metal/Rim Weight that gives it tremendous spin duration. Moving the weight to the outside of the rims makes a HUGE difference.

I feel that it has the same dynamic feel in your hand as the Anglam CC,… so if you are a fan of the Anglam, you will really enjoy the Slasher.

It’s the best thing sOMEThING has produced since the Anglam…IMO :wink:

I was confused by the title of this thread
In my currupted mind
Hash slinging = a drug dealer
Slasher = someone that cuts you.
i thought there was a murderous drug dealer in the loose ???

My own first impression was a sweaty fry cook in a greasy spoon restaurant.

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Let’s not forget, Stickman owns at least 1300 Anglams, so he’s pretty much the authority on the subject. If he says it’s good, then you can be assured that it is. ;D

I won’t be picking up one myself. I absolutely love the Phaser and Anglam CC, so there’s no doubt in my mind that this’ll be fantastic, it just isn’t really calling out to me. If I see a colourway combination that really tickles my fancy at some point then I may grab one, but at the moment I’m trying to go easy on the $150+ purchases, especially when there’s so many great new lower priced throws on the horizon. (Pun not intended) :slight_smile:

I’m feeling about the same as Gambit. The Slasher looks good…really good. And it definitely fits with many of my preferences. However, the BST has been swarming with fantastic deals the past few months so I am having a hard time justifying many tempting retail purchases lately. It’s hard to convince myself to plop down $150+ on new releases when I can easily get >50% off the retail price of tons of throws I passed on when they were released. I strongly suspect I will try a Slasher at some point, but I don’t feel like it’s a “must buy” for me at the moment.