the hardest decision ive ever made

Ilyy E1NS or YYF supernova

i love the look and the shape of both of these yoyos. they both suit my preferences and both look amazing. i know there completely different but they’re both amazing shapes and the perfect weight help please

I’d say if you have the chance to get the E1NS, then go get it. I hear they aren’t that easy to come by.

No offense to the Supernova, but you can get a SuperNova darn near any day of the week.

I haven’t played either. That’s just the way I would go. I won’t say anything good or bad towards either. I will say that the Supernova isn’t a model I’m interested in at the moment, but that statement should be taken with a grain of salt and with very little value placed to it.

They are totally different yo-yos but I have to agree with Studio42, get the E1NS if you have the chance. They are an absolutely brilliant undersized yoyo, especially the Candy Blasted ones.

Thanks for the help guys im going with the e1ns and i may get a trifecta bearing with it