The Great Race..Dales' new RhodeRunner and some comparison pics>

Dale has decided to enter the Great Race this time again. And the Race is just a few weeks away.

Dale wanted to do something yoyo related for the Race. So, since he is always rolling around various Ideas in his head; he pulled some more Magic Dust out of his pocket and come up with something Really Good.

He landed on a Formula, not by accident, but more like because he has been twisting around and cutting up yoyos now, for about 12/13 years or so; haha.
50.8mm diameter… 40.8mm width… And 67 grams in weight. Similar in shape(from a gap view), diameter and weight as a SPYY Supra; by coincidence only(since Dale has never even seen a Supra.

When Dale makes a Special yoyo for the Race; he only makes a dozen or so and that is it. This particular yoyo will only be available during the Course stops of the Race. A beautiful thing about this yoyo is that it is not only Collectable; but might just be about the Best playing Yoyojam ever made at any price point(to be announced).

To my Shock; Dale sent me the first one. And I was in for a second Shock, when I threw it down the string. I love the YYR Messiah yoyo. I have known that sooner or later, somebody was going to come up with a yoyo that would allow me to just put the Messiah in the Safe and give it a rest. And this is it. This yoyo is just plain Nuts. This is not a review of the yoyo. Just my impression from throwing hundreds of yoyos down the string over the last Decade. I have found it impossible to throw this yoyo without smiling.

The yoyo has been plated with Rhodium; a very rare and expensive metal. (about 2350 bucks an ounce)(right now Gold is at about 1500 bucks an ounce). The ‘in from the edge’ weight rings, are plated with Gold. The Stock Bearing is a KK. < This recipe is a Winner.

Although this Race Run is limited to a dozen yoyos, this only constitutes the Rhodium plated model. There will be more in this: dia., width and weight specs., just exhibiting different finishes. This Model is/will be the first in a New Elite Series of High Performance yoyos. Each following entry in the Elite Series will have slight weight shifts and shape tweaks to address various performance parameters.

I am posting a link to the Great Race, along with my standard,’ Mo did it with mirrors’ kinda pictures. Nothing fancy, just a few shots so you can see what the yoyo looks like.
Dale will have Ben Conde with him for the Race and when they stop in the various Cities along the Race Route; they love to see and hang out with other yoyo folks. Please check the Site out for the Race map and see if the Cars may be stopping in your neck of the woods.

this New ’Rhode Runner’ is a Player…
Here is the link for Race info; with Scheduled City Stops…………

And a few pics of the Rhode Runner…………

Some additional pics showing the RR with various other yoze for contrasts in shape and such>>  <Supra  <Skyline < YYJ SFX <Tiwalker <Battosai < My Bush Mountain Ava < Campfire < Helix <Sakura <888 <Steam Roller

Well; that is about it for now…

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