The goodies that got away


If you’ve been throwing for a while you may realize some yo-yos do not get to stick around for very long. Case in point I was going over my case and I saw an absolute favorite of mine that was ruined by either an anno or machine flaw that just… OOH I wish it didn’t have that. I’m talking about my ooch by Yomega. Not an ooch smoove yo-yo, but an ooch. It was a fairly limited number to ever be produced, but I wish it could have had one more run. Anyway that’s a bit about the throw. Does anybody else have a throw that for whatever reason is not in production anymore. What is it, and why do you think it’s not in production any more.


Protostar! Technically I can still get one, but the colors I want are all gone. At its original price, it wouldn’t be able to compete today, but I do love it and wish I had more

(InvaderDust) #3

Nearly every yoyo I want is no longer in production. Thats likely why I do not have them yet. :slight_smile:
I like alot of the older CLYWs, that are out of production. Finding a throw you like is one thing, Finding a color(s) you like is another. But to find *that * yoyo in That color is something special. Its so hard to find and if you want it, you pay the price and dont give up the hunt until its with you, in its forever home, where it should be.


There are plenty. One that comes to mind is a red HSpin Icon in mint condition. It’s a great yoyo. I always had the camel turd color, and that’s fine, but I always wanted the red one.


When I started I felt like the ooch got away from everyone else, but If I look at the one that got away from me it would be the first peak by clyw. I didn’t have the money back then. I got a peak 2 and I love it, but still never got that 1st run.


There’s a really good Peak history appreciation topic over here I highly recommend it!