Original Protostar still produced?

Are the original protostars still produced?
If not, are the colorways?
I don’t think YYF emailed me back on that.

Im Not Sure If There Still Being Produced Or Not But If Your Looking To Buy One YYE,s Got Tones In Stock http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/122/YYF-ProtoStar

They’re not.

I wanted a blue one.
My bro just bought a Phenom, so it seems selfish and greedy to ask for another yo-yo.

A blue Protostar just popped up on a Facebook BST.

If You Go To The Link I posted Theres 10 Left

Wow yeah, didn’t even bother to check YYE. Erik’s right, they’ve got some classic models in stock.

Yup Go Check It Out