That famous. .-.


Has anybody noticed how many times the YYF Protostar has been re-released?
Maybe that’s not the best word…
But in case you haven’t noticed, there are 15 versions.

Classic (4) [Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue]
Core/ring change (3) [Blue w/ red core, Red w/ yellow ring and core, Yellow w/ blue center]
Gravitsky (1) [Clear w/ gold glitter]
New Protostar (2) [ Green, Clear w/ red acid ring]
New packaging (3) [Pink, Clear, Red]
Glow (1) […glow]
Icon (1) [Icon Blue]

I mean, I get that they play well, but 15? ._.


They are that good. I want them all, but have no money. :smiley: Been getting overshadowed lately by the Rally, Yeti, Diffusion, and Addiction though.


Some asian stores have special editions as well.


It plays very well, is quite affordable, it’s made my YYF, and it’s a great jump from beginner to intermediate/advanced; what’s there to get?


Also translucent black

(WildCat23) #6

I think more colors is better, no?


Don’t forget the BombSquad x Illest Protostar…


Maybe it was one of the first great standard plastics out there and people could not get enough of it. Also, everybody wants the next thing to be just like the fist so they just kept making it and if it selled well, then I guess why not right? haha


I wouldn’t consider it a re-release, it’s more like they are making more still and don’t want to make another huge production run with the same colour when they could use a different colour and reinvigorate some sales at the same time. It’s not a yoyo I could see them discontinuing any time soon and will probably be around for years and years.

(Owen) #10

It seems to me that the “classic” colors were around for at least 2-3 years before the next editions in the line (except for maybe the Illest edition. And I think there was a Spingear edition but im not certain.)


Also neon collection