The FURY by ILYY | Review

The Fury. The name alone forms beads of sweat on the brows of the weak. You want to deliberately emphasize the “u” and “r” with a growl. The name and the deep blood red color brings out the animal instinct. Just look at it. It makes you want to wrestle a velociraptor and eat a wolfs heart. Scale the tallest mountain and throw punches at the troposphere. Take on a swarm of sharks for a winner take all death BONANZA… No, not really. It is just a cool looking yo-yo with a catchy name. This is the third of four yo-yos that ILOVEYOYO sent to me for review, and probably the one I was most excited to get to. This week was a doozy for me. Outside of my yoyo life, my car decided to die and the warranty company that was supposed to offer hassle free coverage is, unsurprisingly, a huge hassle. Fury was exactly what I was feeling. Before you ask…. The tea set. Sometimes, you need balance in life. Tea is very calming, and if this yo-yo is as furious and filled with rage as the name implies, I may need a cup to keep my self from exploding… ALL OVER THE VELOCIRAPTOR I AM WRESTLING.
sips cup of tea

ahhh, there we go

Courage wolf says “Charge Website - Read Review”

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Great Review.
I am new to Throwing but I have a love for large throws and I find I end up touching the string which is just fine with me.

I beleive this may be my next victim. :wink:

nice review. I just got mine and agree to most every word. Good Job!