ilyy FURY

ILOVEYOYO has finished the Fury. I am thinking about getting one. I want to hear reviews of the Fury from people who have thrown it. Is it worth getting? Let me know.

I t plays really slow but stable its a nice throw and has a really nice blast on it.

it’s good to hear that it has good stability and candy blast because i already ordered it. i’m not too worried about it being slow. what’s your best sleep time on it? i’m eager for it to arrive.

I can consistently get 4-5 min sleepers with a stock bearing.

my Fury has arrived and man is it awesome. i didn’t think it was very slow. Extremely wide gap, too.that will be one of the first things you notice about it. great stability and rim weight. smooth too. Awesome blast. it’s not too big or too small, fits wonderful in the hand, what is there to dislike about it? Get one right now! note, it starts out a little responsive.

This is great to hear.
I have the pro so I am use to a wide gap where you can touch the string.

I see this coming into my family very soon. :smiley: