The Freshly Dirty MOD44 is back with new C and D bearing versions!


The Modular 44 is Freshly Dirty’s first yo-yo design with interchangeable rims. By using one standard hub that is compatible with all 3 included sets of delrin rims, one yo-yo can truly act and feel like 3 entirely different designs. The Mod44 uses an O-ring system to keep the rim aligned and spinning smoothly, even after extended periods of regular wear and tear.

C-bearing models come with Supersport Rims installed, D-Bearing models come with Tuner rims installed, and both versions come with extra Coupe & Cruiser rims in the packaging.

Releasing Friday 9/17 @ 5PM EDT.


Are the diameter specs a range with rings installed? The smallest seems pretty small.

Diameter: 46.45-62.45 mm

Looks like a really fun yoyo to own either way.


Those are the specs from the original release - I’ll make a note to update them tomorrow when I get to the office. I’ll add specs for each specific rim set if I have time.


@YoYoExpertGarrett can we get a label on what each rim name is? I’m having a hard time matching up. There seems to be a new one that kind of encloses the cup with a smaller opening what is that one?

All the rims are pictured here. I plan to get specs up for all of them later today if I have enough time.

Edit: Specs are up!


Quick update - release is actually at 5pm ET!

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Snagged a gold. So dang mad though. I was going to get the OhYesYo edition and ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way home right as they dropped of all times! I never get stuck in traffic like today. There was a car broken down holding up our lane :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: Got in a few minutes late and they were gone. Luckily YYE still had 3 gold ones so I copped one of those in the D bearing since I already have one of the first runs in C.


They are a bit hard to remember what’s what. I’m glad they now have names though. Might be easier to sort them in the future. Here’s some images of each one I took off of Freshly’s feed. I added the label and specs.



Thanks for doing that!


I took dimensions for each rim on C and D bearing models also - They’re on the Mod44 rims page.


Anybody here tried 3D printing custom rims? Love to see some extreme rim designs others have come up with!


I was just wondering if anyone has made square rims, sort of like the Offset Tofu. That would be insane.


Love the idea!

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Did the Hatchback come with the first run and is replaced by the Coupe for this run?

If you haven’t gotten one of these yet, get at least one! If you have the C, get the D!


I think the Tuner and Hatchback are new in this run, along with the 4A rims, and everything else has been previously released. I’m just going off of appearances for that, though.

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Tuner and coupe are the new ones (plus the big rig 4a set). Coupe is my favorite set of rims so far!


The Hatchback, Coupe, Tuner, and Big Rig are new to the market with Gen 2. The original shells for gen 1 were Super Sport, Cruiser, and I don’t know what the other smaller organic (smaller than cruiser) shell from gen 1 was called. I don’t know if they released the name of it. Looks like it’s been replaced with the coupe because they aren’t selling it currently.

I have the D and C. The D definitely feels different. It feels a lot more center weighted to me. I really like the Coupe shells so far on the D version. I haven’t any Gen 1 shells on it. The Tuner shells feel similar to the supersport but are quite a bit wider and overall makes the yoyo feel a lot heavier. I haven’t tried them on the gen 1 / C version yet. So far my favorite shell on the Gen 1 is Supersport and Gen 2 is the Coupe. Definitely interested in trying the Hatchback.


I haven’t tried the Cruiser shells on the D yet, but I like them on the C. I like IGRs…

I too am loving the D with the Coupe shells! You can do nice thumb grinds with that setup as well. That’s not the only reason I like them, though.

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For sure! The Coupe has a nice little extra lip that seems to lock in really well too. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the Cruiser shells it’s just way too big for my liking. It’s fun with them on but I can’t commit to it hahaha!

The new Coupe rims are awesome, been playing those on my Gen 1 C bearing and it makes it like a more standard size organic. Been playing the new Hatchbacks on the Gen 2 D bearing and its giving me more OG Canary vibes. The Mod44s are just so smooth either way. Looks like the big H is the set missing from this run.

Black Coupes on a Black Gen 1 C bearing Body