Innovative new release from Freshly Dirty - The Mod44!

The Modular 44 is Freshly Dirty’s first yo-yo design with interchangeable rims. By using one standard hub that is compatible with all 3 included sets of delrin rims, one yo-yo can truly act and feel like 3 entirely different designs. The Mod44 uses an O-ring system to keep the rim aligned and spinning smoothly, even after extended periods of regular wear and tear.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Mod44 is open source rim design. Throughout the prototyping process, 3D printing was used to develop new designs and test them in real time. Freshly Dirty supports community members who wish to design and print their own rims. For more information as well as file downloads, click here .

For tips and tricks on how to remove and install rims, check out the video below.

Releasing Wednesday 3/10 @ 8PM EST.


Which rim set will make me throw like Joe Davies?


I got to throw one of these(2 actually) at yoyo club. Pretty incredible concept. Plays great. I expected more vibe, and was pleasant to be wrong.


They play super smooth and and are a heck of a lot of fun. Love mine! Don’t sleep on it!


I was NOT supposed to be buying any yoyos! I just couldn’t resist this one, though.

I have only thrown it with the small rims and what some are calling “V”, but seem more “O” to me. It is just so well done, and I really like it so far.

So nicely packaged too. This is one I’ll keep the box for, and keep it handy.

Definitely one worth having, and I’m excited to see and try other rims.

Hope they restock soon, so others can enjoy.

Edit: I see that they call it “Big O”… That one has an IGR.


Not really my thing, but this is a super cool concept. I am really interested to see those with 3D printers make some cool mods to this. I really hope I see people post their own designs with this. Freshly Dirty is really living up to their name, already have a few of their yoyos and they are fresh.


Do you mean you’ve tried it and didn’t care for it, or that it’s just not something you’re interested in?

I tend not to like plastic and hybrid yoyos. Im not interested in it personally, but for the yoyo community I find it to be a very interesting release, if that makes sense.