the five tricks i need help on

boing e boing it just doesn’t work
gyro flop i can only get 1 full flop
ladder escape i just cant get the spin time to get through it
mondial / i cant find a vid that i really get
superman i cant get the role in the first part
any help would be nice
i feel bad that after months of about 3 hours of yoyoing a day i cant get these tricks

Boing - Your hands are really just doing an up and down motion, not back and forth. Try to find a good rhythm that works for you.

For Gyro Flop, make sure that your throw is strong and straigh. Also, when the yoyo is spinning, rotate your throwhand wrist in the direction it turns, and it should turn a bit faster.

Mondial and Superman I never got around to myself, sorry.

Ladder Escape - Again, make sure your throw is good and strong. Also, try to go through the steps quicker and smoother so you have enough spin.

thanks ill try

Here’s a tutorial for an weirder way to do Gyro Flop:

Here is a nice angle of how to do superman.

As for mondial
here is a nice vid that slows it down at the crucial point of the trick.

Good luck!

If you need any more help let us know!

You can do it!


First you need slow down by the three months i wasnt planning to learn those tricks so slow a bit down but who know you may  faster than me well i suggest going you youtube and look up some tutorials

One flop is pretty good! And I can’t do any of the others. :’(

Maybe you’re like me, you have a boinging block.

Boingy as been solved, so i won’t say anything abt it. I can’t do superman, so i won’t say anything about it. Mondial, the video has been posted.

For gyro flop, shims help. People will definitely state otherwise, but if you look at my vid tournament vid, you will see me do 22 flops. It looks easy the way I do it, but it really is easy. Thats because of the huge gap of the meteor. (lol i can do them with a dark magic as well, but just not as easily) If your gap is huge, (big to the point that there are almost holes at the sides of the bearing)It will help. This is because there are less strings rubbing on the sides.

What you’re trying to do is prevent the strings from rubbing on the sides of the yo, thats all. Thats why a huge gap helps.

For ladder escape, its a hard trick! I took like 2 days to manage to do it. Your sleepers are long enough from the vids i saw of you. All you need to make sure, is that your yoyo isn’t bumping into your fingers/strings while you pop it in and out of the ladder. The strings that you’re popping the yo onto are really small, so its quite hard. But you’ll get it. A strong throw will help as well.