The First yoyos I've painted!!!!


I recently got my airbrush and other painting things,so here are my first 2 pieces of work:
Genesis.the inside of each half is plain black, the hubs are a dull red with micro black dots.

Next a Freehand 2, ill let the yoyo speak for itself.

If you couldn’t tell already, i only had red and black to use.Tell me what you think, I need feedback on these.


Not bad! I can tell You your airbrush is not properly set up. It could be to high or too little preasure or the paint wasn’t properly mixed. Go to Youtube and look up the “Airbrush Tricks” user. I watched all of his videos and You learn A LOT!


Thanks!the fh2 was actually an accident, i did something wrong when thinning the red, but the end product ended up looking cool.its still curing, so i don’t know if the clear coat will hold yet.and btw ive already subbed to him :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t painted any yoyos and probably never will but that effect looks amazing, planned or not. Great job


Wow that’s really good, be proud of it!


The top coat i’m using is being finicky,but after i do one yoyo correctly, ill do some deal involving free or very cheap painting,so keep ill keep ya posted.


I’ve been wanting to get my throw painted. LET ME KNOW!!! ;D


Holy crap. That looks nice. I know this is a pretty old post but i recently wanted to repaint my metal yoyo so I searched “paint” Your yoyo looks like Raptor skin dude. Thats awsome lol.