The First Annual Eli Hops Foundation Yo-yo BATTLE!

(Sensei Dave) #1

Awesome prizes, live music, all inside a huge event full of your favorite retailers (including YoYoExpert!) and pros and non-pros and non-throwers all hanging out doing fun stuff! FOOD! YOYOS! PRIZES!

All to raise money for special needs education… check out the official thread and


Can one go and just not compete? I’m not that good yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sensei Dave) #3

Of course! We need an audience to do the voting! Also, there will be vendors selling stuff, pizza, music, baked goods, and people sharing tricks with each other and pros on hand (like Dan Deitz of One Drop) to mentor and show off too! The Contest is just one small part of a very huge event! And it’s all for charity!!!


Sounds awesome, wish I could be there!

(DOGS) #5

Less than 20 minutes from my new house; totally coming.


I wish I could come. It’s 6 hours away from me :’(


Yeah this is only about a 16 hour drive from me :frowning:


ill be there.


I hope I can come!

(Sensei Dave) #10

I hope you can come too!


It’s on the Calender!

It just depends on my Family, only an hour-ish drive. :slight_smile:


Wow, 17 hours away…still if I could get my friends to tag along then a days worth of driving and splitting the fuel cost…that settles it. I’m going to do all I can to save up the extra cash and compete!


This event needs some more support. Hope to lots of throwers there.


More More More!!!

I probably can come!


The only thing preventing me from helping is distance.

When something is closer to where I live, I got your sound and lights covered!


Can’t wait for this one!


How long does it go for? like 11 to when? i might have a committment that may make me late, is it okay if i come late? can i still compete?


So when’s registration going to be up?


I wanna know also.

(Sensei Dave) #20

Registration form is going up really soon! Just a couple final tweaks! Super awesome to see so much support!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Event runs 11 to 4pm, competition starts at noon!