The feeling of a new trick!!!


I love the feeling of landing a new trick. I was working on branding today and just all of a sudden bam everything clicked. I am landing it about 80% of the time.


Hey now that youve got that down, go and learn strawberry and mustard, they both use the same suicide (:

onto the topic though, the moment I landed grandma kimmits sandwich smoothly was a pretty good day.


Is there a tut for strawberry and mustard???


Youve probably found it by now but its onr youtube (:

(I would link you to it but im on my phone atm)



Thank you for the link…ill have to check it out…yea that motion in the trick is really fun once you get it…


What a coincidence. Strawberries and Mustard was my latest trick, and I learned it from that same tutorial.


I’ve been doing most of that already(Strawberries and mustard). Looks like a cool repeater I could work on.

I’ve been typically doing a trapeze to trapeze and bro, doing the suicide portion, catching and then going into a Ninja Vanish Slack. This gives me something else to do with the core elements.


Yeah it’s super easy but Satisfying feeling


Learned Strawberries and Mustard, Cyborg, AND Triple Tower today :smiley: