Two tricks i made up this week.

The first one is called “Flamboyant Buffalo”
The second is called “Peppered Turkey (with sauce)”

We’re having a “best made up trick” contest at my church, trying to figure out which of these two to do.
I look weird while yoyoing, haha…  i get like a double chin, and a stupid look on my face, guess I’m just really focused. haha.  Sorry for poor vid quality, my camera sucks, and i have no tripod  :P  if you watch it multiple times, the vid quality seems to get better with every time.

Flamboyant Buffalo
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Peppered Turkey (with sauce)
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These are pretty cool dude keep it up

I like the tech of flamboyant buffalo, and the slack of peppered turkey with sauce.
Bothe combos need more practice just, make them look smoother and more effortless. It definitely makes tricks look better when you have a kind of effortless aura surrounding your tricks.
I’m not going to choose one trick, I like both, but try to mix the tech and slack together, and get one combo with the best of both, then name it flamboyant peppered buffalo with sauce.

haha, okay thanks. like i said in the title, i made both of them up this week, so i haven’t really worked on smoothing them out yet, but i will defenitly work on doing so. I’ll try and make a techy/slacky combo this week, thanks for the input guys!!

i hope you can make a rethinkyoyo style tut for flamboyant buffalo! I think it looks really cool! Is that like a plan d combo with something else?

Plan D was defenitly in my mind while i was making the trick.
I will try to make a legit tut for the trick, but I’m not necessarily good at making tuts, so i don’t know how long it will take :slight_smile: