calling all detailed tut makers!

So I’m a huge fan of Jensen Kimmet ::slight_smile: ,and just learned his grandmas sandwich.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to learn it from his ghetto tutorials, thankfully rethink yoyo does a hell of a job making tuts, breaking down each part. I would really like to learn more of Kimmetts tricks. SPECIFICALLY HIS
Yoyos are stupid and I hate them combo. If anyone could help me out by making a tut breaking down each part, I would be forever greatful ;D

I can try but no promises


O Mah Gawd I tried to tackle the trick and I have a spiderweb on my hands. Help :’(

I’ll give it a go!

Okay, I learned it, now I’ll start smoothing it out and working on the tutorial!!

Dude ur the ish. Really looking forward to it.
Big thanks to everyone who took the time to help!

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