The Electronic Dance Music thread.

For those who are into Trance, Eurobeat, Dubstep, House, Hardcore, J-core, Techno, Drum and Bass, etc.

Share music, comment on others music, post your own creations perhaps?

You get the idea.


Ill kick off this thread by sharing some of Kiwamu Ebatas music (Kiwamu was a competitive 2A player up until 08 for many years, Placing 4th in worlds in 2006. Now he is focusing on his music production and is slowly gaining popularity.)

And the song at the beginning of his career, that you have probably heard in many yoyo videos in the past:


share on.

P.L.U.R forever


Finally a thread I can get behind!


Dj Cotts = Amazing

Love the Venom masks they wear. C=

They’re name is sick lol. MSTRKRFT (Master Craft.)

God I love this thread, I hope that it gets new stuff everyday. Love this kind of music.

A couple of hipster songs (I think…) that I know of and enjoy. C=

(One of those songs that makes me feel… I don’t know but it makes me feel something.)

(A smooth song good for chilling.)

(Song makes me happy and I’ve been listening to it two-three times in a row. Really enjoy this one.)