The CLYW Thread

This is a thread where you can talk about CLYW.

Ok. You start.




I used to have a lot of CLYWs. I don’t know where all of em went though.

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Has anyone here thrown a Gorge? What’s that like? A bimetal organic? Seems… different

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Gorge is pretty amazing! If you’ve ever played a Hspin Good & Evil, it’s like that, but better. It’s a staple, floaty, spin machine. Highly recommend getting one.

I’ve gone back and forth about selling mine, just doesn’t get a lot of play time (problems that you have when you have so many yoyos). But ultimately decided I can’t let it go.

I’ve owned pretty much every CLYW, but my current collection is: OG Peak, 2014 Sasquatch, Prototype WM2, Yeti 2 and the Gorge. Really looking forward to the metal yeti!


My current CL collection consists of Tundra, Avalanche, Manatee, Puffin 1, Pickaxe, Chief, BvM2, Gnarwhal 1,Puffin 2, and Bonfire. Ive own many many more, but those are my current CL lineup. I would have a very hard time getting rid of any of them.

The only one that didnt jive with me was the Orca. It felt a little fat, a little heavy and just didnt click with me.

For the first couple years i was in it, CLYW was my main focus. Ive owned OG peaks, Ti Peak, WM2, Orca, Summit, Avalanche v1, older sas’s, and others im missing off the top of my head.

I still have asoft spot for CLYW but have since broadened my horizons to seek other brands and styles. A-RT, YYR, YYFactory, YoyoFriends, and G2 all have a place in my bag.


It’s a pretty slim yoyo though.


It’s not that slim. I think 40mm. The Peak 2 is 42mm wide. People love the Parlay, and that is the same width as the Gorge. I think if more people tried the Gorge they’d love it.

Great video with the Gorge


The CHIEF is still one of my all time favorite yo-yos. PickAxe is super fun too.

Also love the Blizzard - and really really excited about the AKITA after trying Mark’s at MA States two weeks ago - it plays like a competition version of the Manatee (another one of my favorites!)

in my opinion @caribouchris is by far one of (if not the best) return top designers in the history yo-yo. :heart:



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I’ve been wanting to try a pick axe for a while now

I’m also really excited for the AKITA

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I really really like CLYW yoyos. I have a Manatee, Dune and a Kayak and I have the Orca on its way to me in the post, hurrah!

Adam Brewster peak, Wooley Marmot x2, Sasquatch, gnarwhal x2. The gnarwhal had been my EDC for a long time over the years. I really enjoy the Ti peak as well. Hard for me to go for the second edition gnarwhal or WMM. Could possibly go for the redesigned peak, but seems pointless having the Ti already.

When I pull out my WMM and gnarwhal now and play I see why I love them so much.
Funny how years back the peak seemed like a large throw. Not so much now.

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My favorite CLYW Yoyo that I currently own is the Manatee. For what I don’t own, well that’s the Blizzard.

I had a Pickaxe come in yesterday. The size is perfect.


The only clyw that I’ve owned was a Compass, and even though it was a very high quality yo-yo, I found it rather underwhelming. I ended up trading it because it just sat on my shelf most of the time. I learned with that one that I am not a huge fan of V shapes.

I’d like to try a Pickaxe, Peak 2, or Gorge someday. Pickaxe just looks so fun, I love mid to smaller sized organic yoyos


Forgot also have a campfire ano by Jason


I’ve steered away from newer CLYWs because, for the most part, they look really boring.

Pickaxe and Peak 2 are both great, but you should try and find yourself an Avalanche and Chief; both are, IMO, quintessential CLs.