The Chasm

The abyss.
The chasm, the path that lies before us
Confusion, delusion, false hopes of what rewards us
Rebirth, unearth, smoke and mirrors of illusion
Digging, searching, waiting for a new infusion
Jump in , take the chance ahead
forget the limit of silky thread
False limitations out of your head
Who cares if you end up dead?
Does it have to be this way? When did freedom and innovation become a separate being.
When did the drive of what makes dreams a reality fall to a place where being “fresh” is all we care about seeing?
When did the chasm become the thing we fear most, but the thing we strive for?
When did the chasm become the fearful place to find the open door?
There is no fear, I tell you young and old
What lies within that chasm won’t leave you dead and cold.
Jump in, but don’t fear it.
Dragon’s within but you can’t hear it
Dark abyss ahead and you say you can’t see the ground you’ll hit?
Jump in for yourself, not for those that feed the hype
Find your true freedom and the flow that fits your type
Live for the moment, don’t judge, don’t be scared
find your inner spirit and don’t think on how the others fared.
Jump in because of you, freedom is found within
Forget the lies of people who treat it like a sin.
Jump into the chasm, find your true self, its there.
Jump into the chasm, and our freedom we will share.


Too often, being “innovational” becomes a focus on a players mind, and in today’s day and age, it can be the cause for many players to try to do the unnatural, and not find joy in their yoyoing. I say its time to end this. Its time to stop yoyoing for others. The chasm represents the unseen realms within the mind. You want to move forward, further down to find more, but are you going there on your own will? or are others forcing you down because of what is “required”.

Think about this,



Thats so overly dramatic, but so true!

But seriously, yoyo for yourself not for the judgement of others.

Very good read. This is what I am doing right now. A contest is near and I am pressured to create unique tricks. I completely forgot what is yoyoing all about.

Thank you very much!

This is beautiful…