There is a point when one stops learning...

And starts creating.
I have found myself in this place after many years of throwing some years ago, and even within seeing a new concept, I do not “learn” the concept, rather let the essence of the inner workings of the concept find itself through me, and myself within it, creating the magic bond tha allows the concept to occur.

You will all find yourself here one day.
For some , today, for others, tomorrow, but need not be discouraged, for it will come.

Go out and create, and find the essence.



Practice and fluency will do this for any physical endeavour! At some point with a musical instrument, you stop thinking about notes and fingerings-- if you’re playing what’s in your head, the notes just come out and you mostly forget what your fingers are doing… sure, you’re still sort of conscious of them and you can apply vibrato or whatnot… but the finger is playing the note before you’re thinking about it.

Or if you’re sight-reading music, you look at the note on the page, and it comes out of your instrument… your fingers just go to the right place.

I imagine the same holds true of almost anything involving your physical self… juggling, martial arts (Bruce Lee says you should learn until you forget… become like water. :wink: ).

It is sublime, but it is not magical, and it is produced by you and your efforts over many years. Not by letting some essence flow through you. Give yourself credit for the work it took to develop that seamless fluency and doing without thinking. Like water.


^ there is most definitely an essence that flows within as you state, wether or not one chooses to believe or not. Much like we gather energy and influence from the natural things around us, in yoyoing it is no different. The seed of creation evolved within motions comes to light through our own creational influence, and through that power is our own individuality and ability to flow is found.

Takes some time to understand I know, but it is quite phenomenal when the realization is beheld.


This is sort of where I’m at. I find exploring what I can do with tricks to be much more fun than looking at a tutorial video.

It’s not that it takes some time to understand the essence and flow, it’s that it takes some time to recognize it for what it truly is. :wink: I don’t know why anyone would insist that something has to be “magical” or come from energies outside of us to be meaningful and affect us in profound ways. Most of us have had that exhileration of connection and of selflessness… when it felt like something greater than ourselves was collecting within and then coming out as an expression of creativity in which the “I” becomes largely forgotten…

Not seeing it as a supernatural phenomenon or as external energies doesn’t make it less of a meaningful experience. It’s OK to understand a little bit about how the brain and your physical self work, and how a heady soup of hormones released during the exhilaration of the moment combined with emotions that can’t be quantified can result in what seems to be a mystical experience. And I’m cool just being amazed at what we are capable of as humble little dust motes in the universe. I don’t need to seek out “the other” for that which is within.


I suppose not all can experience yoyoing as I do, or feel natural forces at work through life as I do, I encourage all to take a step to further the mind and look into it though, as proven in myself, it can result in greatness.

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Through creation is additional learning.

One never stops learning.

Even an old dog can learn new tricks. Unfortunately, it’s usually “play dead”. They tend to master that one…

HaruRay, it’s unfortunate that you’re not seeing that other perspectives are equally wonderful, joyful, and… valid. We are experiencing the same thing (not yoyo for me-- I’m not good enough! But I’ve felt it elsewhere) but attributing it to different things. It’s NO LESS WONDERFUL if you don’t attribute it to “natural forces working through life.”


I like to think I’m at this phase. I haven’t learned from a tutorial in at least 8 months. I’ve barely even watched one really. At the same time though, I don’t think I am, if that makes any sense. It sounds like one of those things that takes a good amount of years to master, and me yoyoing for just coming up on two years, it doesn’t sound right. Either way, I’m enjoying the tricks I’m coming up with now, and if I’m not at that phase yet, I’m looking forward to when it comes. :slight_smile:

I hit that point a loong time ago. If only I could easily make up tricks…

Found it.


Me too!

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Magic feeling, connecting with nature, letting the essence flow through you, natural forces at work…so like when you do a good poo.

I can’t learn and I can’t create. Now what?

What in the world are you talking about?


Ok ok ok

C,mon guys, this was pretty funny.

joking at my expense is ok once in a while

I play several music instruments, violin, guitar, and piano,
and you are absolutely right.

It is just a moment when a note goes to another note.
If we need to look and think about how to play, we fail. because there isn’t enough time to think.
We practice the structure of the piece, memorize its flow, volume…
We hit our finger hard which will let the finger memorize better.
It is the process of learning.

Then while really performing, firstly, memorize the piece is almost a must.
musician, use all the time and efforts to adjust the quality of sound in a very short period of time, by feeling and experience.

Experiences are packed “rational reactions”, which can react really fast.
It jumps right into the answer without the process of thinking or calculation.
You just know what to do by experience.

Performing musical instrument is somehow very similar to playing yoyo tricks.

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I prefer creating over learning someone else’s trick. It makes meh feel accomplished knowing I’ve made something no one else has, and then sharing it with the community.