That Aha Moment of Enlightenment


I run across this a lot:
Say that I’m trying to learn a trick. It’s exciting at first, then discouraging, then frustrating. I keep practicing on and on, then there’s one moment where enlightenment shines, and suddenly you know what to do at that moment and you learn it. Does anyone feel this too?
It’s not like I change how I learn the new trick or anything, but suddenly it “clicks” and I can finish learning the trick without more difficulty. It’s hard to explain because it just happens, and at different moments. It’s always exhilarating though, because one moment I’m thinking: “Wow, this is going to take a while”, and then after the Moment I’m now like: “Wait. What did I do different that enabled me to learn the trick?”


It still happens to me trying to learn grandma kimmit


Just had that experience with Kwijibo. It’s cool when things just click. Usually I’m able to figure out what I did differently which in turn makes me a better player. It’s good to try and analyze it. Now if I can just get spirit bomb… The first hop after the mount just eludes me. I swear there isn’t enough string.


If you’re not already doing it, turn your throwhand palm-up


Thanks Greg, I did see your video. Lots of helpful tips. You do a good job with them and perform the tricks at a speed I can follow. I need to spend more time with the trick. It feels like when I pop it up, the yoyo hits a string and there isn’t slack, so it falls down into a big mess. It’s a variant I’m particularly good at. At some point I will try it with a longer string.

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The trick to spirit bomb is actually to be super saiyin.


I used to be the kind of person who dont believe in ‘feel’ and tried to describe every whip/slack/lace/rejection tricks with a set of technical guidelines to be executed exactly. This led me through many tricks from tower laceration variations to double flick rejection, but im now officially a doubter thanks to 1.5 mount rejection variations and suicide mach whip. These are tricks that I only land in a random 1/10 chance when im not looking, but I still cant make sense of them nor land them for even once while strictly controlling my hands.


My biggest one so far was the 1.5 mount. When I first tried it I was having a hard time getting into it, but then one day the feeling of how much “give” I need in my string to let it loop around correctly just kind of clicked. Before that it would swing around my throw hand pointer, slam the string from under and just bounce back down without looping around my throw pointer properly. Now it’s just second nature and I can do it without looking.

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When I caught hubstacks mid trick.


When it clicks how to sync up one hand’s tricks with another’s when making a 3A combo.


Figuring out how the “I Be A Minute” GT is supposed to work, and locking it in. 4.5 years of yoyoing, and that trick stumped me longer (1.5 months) than any trick I’ve tried to learn.


That AHA moment happened to me with suicide. I just attempted it one time like my most other attempts and I suddenly figured out where to place my finger. Afterwards, I realize how stupid I’ve been all along. I can now catch my suicides with any finger I desire. The AHA moment is also great because I can now see where and how I fudge things up.


The trick to spirit bomb is actually to be super saiyin.


<-----if so then,im the prince of all sayajins 8), i collect it from my peeps all day. THANKS KING KAI! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


1.5 mount? It’s basically the same motion you do to bind, just sideways.