Tell us about your breakthrough moment. Tell us about that one second in time when understanding dawned on you, when you thought you could maybe get good with this yoyo thing, when the pieces fell together and it all started to make sense.

Where were you? What yoyo did you have? What trick were you throwing?

(Answers must be double-spaced, eight-point Times Roman font, and include a thesis. I’m just kidding.)

When i got a dark magic, and did a gyro flop. Then, I did 5 of them. I was happy to the point of no return. Now, I’m not that happy anymore. I have no idea what a thesis is.

When i got my x-convict the first trick i learned was white buddah and it all just flowed for some reason and that made me so happy, I couldn’t get that trick with any of my plastics.

Either Christmas day 2008 when I got my Axiom and I did 8 Gyro Flops.

Or when I was throwing my Legacy and finally perfected buddhas revenge. I was listening to Beverly Hills by Weezer when I finally perfected it and got it right for the first time. :smiley:

When I was learning plastic whip and I got it in the second try! :smiley:

Mine was with my Bully two days ago, I did two suicides in a roe and then a thumb grind on the same throw. That was when I moralized I can do just about anything if I worked to get it down.

There was a period of time, where I learned gates, and Bouncing Mirror in the same day. Then I thought…wow…I am actually good!

From then on, I was motivated to get better and better.

The first day I learned a trappeze with my mosquito.

The day I got down Hour Glass, I knew I could quickly improve by September.

When I accidentally did a plastic whip trying to get my Dark Magic back up and spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how i did it.

I was using a Hitman in my basement, learning Kwijibo.
Andre wasn’t super clear, and after watchng the video for the 100th time I understood.

Also I finally got a triangle laceration last week.

When I first did a thumb grind I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I used my dark magic and was in my asment with my computer. It still is my favorite most used trick :’( so happy

when my grinds actually began to stall and stay on my arm, rather than just sprinting off! ;D