The Bully - Review

(Chris Allen) #1

All your milk money are belong to us…

Microbrew style Yo-Yo manufacturing has produced some amazing yo-yo’s. From old favorites such as DBBY’s EKG, Born Crucial’s Milk, and Throw Down’s Luchador, to new comers favorites such as General-Yo’s Torrent, and Mad House’s 5150. Coming into this fold is another “Microbrew” style Yo-Yo company, BigBrother Yo-Yo’s, and Douglas Spence is leading off production with a monster. YoYoSkills is proud to bring you a preview of BigBrother’s The Bully.

When I first saw pictures of The Bully, I immediately thought it was a clone of the Project. The profile and flat rims screamed of OneDrops signature slightly undersized performance player. When I heard it was going into production, and Doug was sending me one, I was concerned. How would I be able to review this without directly comparing it to a Project? Turns out my concern was greatly misplaced. Once in my hand, I came to the conclusion that calling The Bully a Project clone was about as accurate as calling The Torrent a Bapezilla clone. The Bully has a vaguely similar profile to the Project but that is where the similarities end. This thing is big, beefy, and daunting. It looks like it could steal your lunch money and give you Indian burns all while hitting on your older sister and mom.

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that’s a great review! one of my favorites that have been written by you.


I love the YoYoSkills reviews. I cant wait for the Jamboo review :slight_smile:


very good review love the humor i think some of these reviews could use some more other than people calling them selves bad all the time, thanks