BBYY Juvenile Offender: A High Speed YoYo Review

In late April of this year there was a wonderful post put up on a couple different forums about how Yo-Yo companies are personified. Quite a few photos were put up showing how the community views the different companies. There were many fun and creative submissions. This has gotten me thinking about how I see some of the companies I love to throw. When I posted in one of those threads I put up a picture of Einstein and Oppenheimer as a representation of One Drop. A couple days ago I was looking back at those old posts and came to a realization. There was one company that I thought was lacking representation, Big Brother Yo-Yos. The funny thing is that I have always had an image in my head when I think of Big Brother and that is of Captain Ivan Drago from Rocky IV; the enormous, Russian adversary to Rocky Balboa. Stick with me here, it will make sense. For those that have not seen this “epic” piece of cinematic craftsmanship, Drago is this hulk of a man but he is far from cumbersome. He has quick reflexes and is precise. THAT is how I see BBYY, every product under the BBYY banner has been this hulking beast of a yo-yo; even the mini sized Swirly with its massive rims. While they are bulky yo-yos they still react quickly on the string and are nimble through even the most convoluted of tricks. They are the bruisers towering over the General-Yos, SPYYs and CLYWs in my case. Today we are looking at the Juvenile Offender (aka the JO). This is the yo-yo that many consider successor to the Bully. This yo-yo has a lot to live up. Now we get to see if Doug Spence’s latest creation will have its gloved fist raised in victory or if it need to just lay there as the ref stands over it, mercifully giving it the 10 count.

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