The Brand New Civility yoyo

Yeap, absolutely the case.

Quote from the description: Please note - Pixel Bearings come lightly lubed from the factory. While you are free to clean your bearing for maximum performance, CLYW & iYoYo HIGHLY recommend that you break in your Pixel Bearing with play, and allow the lube to naturally settle and break down. This will result in a longer life, longer spins, and smoother play.

I also have pixel bearings in my Titanic and my Shooting Star and they both need breaking in.


I have a second Civility on the way. I will leave the ceramic bearing in and see if it ever reaches a decibel level low enough to not drive me insane.


My second Civility–in YYF’s gorgeous aqua color–arrived today. Its Ultra bearing is very quiet compared to the one that came with my previous (red) one. If it stays like this, I will have no problem keeping it in the yoyo. :+1:


I may have to get a 2nd one also. I absolutely love the new Civility